Justin Bieber - Die For You (Visualizer) ft. Dominic Fike 

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HIB FAMILY преди 7 часа
Akhil Justin
Akhil Justin преди ден
💥💥💥💥👑best song
Akhil Justin
Akhil Justin преди ден
Legend ❤️❤️❤️
ThemysteriousG преди 2 дни
I'm so happy. Dom made it 🔥
Wolf lovers adams
Wolf lovers adams преди 3 дни
Michael jackson the king
Goner преди 4 дни
remember the song when he was like "I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive"
Brittany Curtis
Brittany Curtis преди 4 дни
I feel like this is his best album so far
Yasmin Madrigal
Yasmin Madrigal преди 5 дни
Yasin Ajah
Yasin Ajah преди 6 дни
On repeat
Atin Raj
Atin Raj преди 6 дни
Hey I am indian an i love english songs specially justice biber,
Carlito lol
Carlito lol преди 6 дни
It's my fav on the album honestly, so good
ALEX RODRIGUES преди 6 дни
merece um clipe
Deepak Eltore
Deepak Eltore преди 8 дни
The weeknd's "die for you" is better
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 6 дни
For me this one is far better.
Nina Rabolini
Nina Rabolini преди 8 дни
te amooooooooo
Karma преди 8 дни
Xiaolin Cen
Xiaolin Cen преди 8 дни
The whole album deserves a Grammy
HCS TV преди 9 дни
80s! i listening everyday. it's nice!
Sophia Gensler
Sophia Gensler преди 10 дни
this is too good omg
Mr OC преди 11 дни
I listen to this one in morning. This voice make my whole day perfect ❤️
h. husainy
h. husainy преди 11 дни
Dominic's part is so good 😍😍😍
invincible преди 12 дни
Die for you, I can't be myself, off my face, lifetime, hold on, holy, ghost are my fav ones from JUSTICE
Aaron Makange
Aaron Makange преди 12 дни
He'd also be better off making gospel music for our troubled souls.
aira913 преди 12 дни
We need a music video plz justin!!
Belieber Justin Bieber 💜
Belieber Justin Bieber 💜 преди 13 дни
Album of the Decade 💜 for sure
Xiaolin Cen
Xiaolin Cen преди 8 дни
This deserves a Grammy!
The Duolingo Bird
The Duolingo Bird преди 13 дни
My guilty pleasure. JuStIn BiEbEr BaD...
Juan Guerrero III
Juan Guerrero III преди 14 дни
You hear the weekends die for you when sad and you hear this whenever your feeling anything
The Relaxation Hub
The Relaxation Hub преди 15 дни
dominic fike yesssssss
iAvrilFan1 преди 16 дни
Why this song still isn't released as a single yet?
HeeMewLew преди 16 дни
Deserves 1 Billion views.
johnn romerr
johnn romerr преди 17 дни
*Die For You *Somebody
Maiquin преди 17 дни
Elizabeth Maldonado
Elizabeth Maldonado преди 19 дни
Amo demasiado esta canción 💜💜💜
cesar ojeda
cesar ojeda преди 19 дни
Herica Bornios
Herica Bornios преди 19 дни
His voice is my therapy ❣
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe преди 19 дни
Love Nana but she can be so hateful Involved human trafficking Case..Told her Nana G.. she likes Robert P..
HeeMewLew преди 19 дни
Anyone else hear moaning sounds from 2:43 to 2:57
HeeMewLew преди 16 дни
Justine for sure included some moaning sounds here.
duacon toannang
duacon toannang преди 20 дни
Omg.. Justin..me and you..... Has very much story...I like story by English.. Me finishing.... Educate English.. You and me and your wife and my wife....wao we...me and the best children music...we is x man..love you..
Fernanda Dantas
Fernanda Dantas преди 20 дни
Brisa Duarte
Brisa Duarte преди 21 ден
Mi ángel
Tony Karjee
Tony Karjee преди 21 ден
BookLy преди 22 дни
Every f song in the álbum is the best🔥🔥🔥🔥
princesa arrie
princesa arrie преди 22 дни
I immediately thought of Christina perri’s A Thousand Years after hearing this
Samaung Saya
Samaung Saya преди 23 дни
Haluk Emre İkinci
Haluk Emre İkinci преди 23 дни
What a song👏👏
Daniiee преди 23 дни
His a Legend
Daniiee преди 23 дни
"I would die for you"
Mr OC преди 24 дни
Here's one thing I can't understand, Why I like Justin's voice more than every voice in the world😍❤️🥰
Tack Draas
Tack Draas преди 24 дни
I’m so happy Dominic Fike is getting exposure
Eric Njoroge
Eric Njoroge преди 24 дни
This song deserves to be blowing up. Much more than Peaches
The PM Yt
The PM Yt преди 25 дни
2012 : die in your arms 2021 : die for you
san nayii tv
san nayii tv преди 25 дни
san nayii tv
san nayii tv преди 25 дни
san nayii tv
san nayii tv преди 25 дни
san nayii tv
san nayii tv преди 25 дни
san nayii tv
san nayii tv преди 25 дни
san nayii tv
san nayii tv преди 25 дни
san nayii tv
san nayii tv преди 25 дни
Brennda преди 25 дни
o maior juro
Ana Villagomez
Ana Villagomez преди 25 дни
Single pls
amy grandfather-clock
amy grandfather-clock преди 25 дни
This and peaches is my favorit on album
Rey The Nobody
Rey The Nobody преди 26 дни
Okay so i dont like justin bieber but this kinda good
ROHIT ji gaming
ROHIT ji gaming преди 27 дни
He I am a indian
The Word The Word
The Word The Word преди 27 дни
Do youAre you
HeeMewLew преди 27 дни
Dominic 💯
Short Edits
Short Edits преди 28 дни
How is this only 5 million views ???
Felipe Cortes
Felipe Cortes преди 20 дни
BGbin visits do not matter on Spotify has more reproductions
Priyadarshini Panigrahi
Priyadarshini Panigrahi преди 29 дни
Gosh this song's so amazing, guys love him hate him Justin is evergreen ❤️
Vihaan Choudavaram
Vihaan Choudavaram преди 29 дни
Justin is so cool
AaliyahSoares преди 29 дни
He has 64m 😑
Auxi Coronel
Auxi Coronel преди 29 дни
I come back here every once in a while
Gamer Girl !!
Gamer Girl !! преди 29 дни
Gamer Girl !!
Gamer Girl !! преди 29 дни
Gamer Girl !!
Gamer Girl !! преди 29 дни
Gamer Girl !!
Gamer Girl !! преди 29 дни
Gamer Girl !!
Gamer Girl !! преди 29 дни
Gamer Girl !!
Gamer Girl !! преди 29 дни
Isabel Gioseff
Isabel Gioseff преди месец
top demais
Anuradha Chatterjee
Anuradha Chatterjee преди месец
Looks like Justin will again rule the music industry with his music again!
Zeïna Hamri
Zeïna Hamri преди месец
This song has something special, I can't explain it but I just love it
Jacopo Pugliese
Jacopo Pugliese преди месец
HeeMewLew преди месец
I covered this entire song but only in my voice. Even the instrumentals 😂😂😂 Here's the link: bgbin.info/code/video/kmyErYeayJOtnrY.html
JO Vivas
JO Vivas преди месец
I dont know but this rhythm feels like Michael Jackson vibes, that´s cool, great song and great album.
Lara преди месец
the BEST song
Dav преди месец
' hold on ' continuity
Chanjira Suwan
Chanjira Suwan преди месец
This sounds like a song that could be on GTA 6
Jenny Sarmiento
Jenny Sarmiento преди месец
vreyya alfetta
vreyya alfetta преди месец
Anna F
Anna F преди месец
Cadê os BR q ama o Justin ??😍❤
Tuğçe Su Evren
Tuğçe Su Evren преди месец
my fav song on this album
Tuğçe Su Evren
Tuğçe Su Evren преди месец
i’m in love with this song.
Milagros Fátima Ramos
Milagros Fátima Ramos преди месец
aashika rai
aashika rai преди месец
Kidus ermias Kidus
Kidus ermias Kidus преди месец
i cannot stop leasing 😍
Onthar chakz
Onthar chakz преди месец
One of my best song from Justice Album love you Justin...🇺🇸🇮🇳🙁🙁🙁😍😍😘😘
RGN 10D 24 Ishita
RGN 10D 24 Ishita преди месец
This ain't my favorite die for you
Oseias Rhodrigues
Oseias Rhodrigues преди месец
Que nostalgia realllll Brasil, World 😍❤❤❤❤❤🇧🇷
Isha Malhotra
Isha Malhotra преди месец
This song hits so different
Jayden Andrew Macalinao Dolfo
Jayden Andrew Macalinao Dolfo преди месец
This song is underrated But how?
Adhishri Dingorkar
Adhishri Dingorkar преди месец
best song ever!
Jonas Wall
Jonas Wall преди месец
Wow this is bad
Jonas Wall
Jonas Wall преди месец
@fml gottem
fml преди месец
shut up
Elenilson Gomes da silva
Elenilson Gomes da silva преди месец
Minha favorita
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