Justin Bieber - Ghost (Visualizer) 

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Elod i e
Elod i e преди час
It's ok to not forget, to still like and to respect your ex. Move on
Deepika Gujar
Deepika Gujar преди 10 часа
Missing old Justin 😭😭💞💞💞
Eng Te Music
Eng Te Music преди 11 часа
i think this song is about @selenagomez 💔How Sad😿😻🔥
Ana Morais
Ana Morais преди 13 часа
Munawwar Ibrahim
Munawwar Ibrahim преди 14 часа
Hands down favorite song of all time ❤️
Marla Cole
Marla Cole преди 23 часа
I feel his hurt in his song. Prayers for him.
Deepantika Deb
Deepantika Deb преди 23 часа
When r we getting official video???
健太 小野
健太 小野 преди ден
it's so cool
soo best songs 😚
Akhil Justin
Akhil Justin преди ден
Eliza Mtz
Eliza Mtz преди ден
Selena Gómez
Justin  Bieber
Justin Bieber преди ден
Sahra Essalhi
Sahra Essalhi преди ден
I'll leave it all behind if I could follow There you go, he said it all :)
Tamara Nafanailova
Tamara Nafanailova преди ден
Lost my best friend, my papa misha almost 3 years ago, this song SPEAKS VOLUMES 😘 thank you JB for healing.
50hellkat2 преди ден
Wow.....so good.
Dulamsuren Nnn
Dulamsuren Nnn преди ден
Thank you. After listening this 🥺 Just wish that this song really for Selena Selena,My beautiful heart ❤️
Indie Forte
Indie Forte преди 2 дни
This song was inspired by people missing loved ones in hospitals or passed away due to Covid.
Wiam Haffou
Wiam Haffou преди 2 дни
I don't know bout the background of this song but it makes me think that J is a pretty romantic man.God idc but I find this beautifully romantic .I m a hopeless romantic hihu an I adore it.
Lucas Moisés
Lucas Moisés преди 2 дни
I loveeeee
Jamie Etheridge
Jamie Etheridge преди 2 дни
Everyone's saying this is about Selena lmaooo bro Jon Bellion wrote this. Besides, Selena seems to dislike her past with Justin so stop shipping her with him and just respect her wishes.
Sofia Villamayor
Sofia Villamayor преди 2 дни
Ohhh apparently Justin misses Selena😍😍😍
Răzvan Derecichei
Răzvan Derecichei преди 2 дни
am I the only one thinking this sounds a lot like Hardest to Love by Abel?
MHS IS LIVE преди 3 дни
Really Hearts ❤️ Touch Music😍
rach ida
rach ida преди 3 дни
Married with one and grieving for another. 💔
Akhil Justin
Akhil Justin преди 3 дни
This song bop 🔥👑 2021
Stephen Salam
Stephen Salam преди 3 дни
When i hear this song..it always remind me of my Ex🙂
Stacey Moreno
Stacey Moreno преди 3 дни
Selena Gomez 🖤
Lynia Ziwa
Lynia Ziwa преди 3 дни
I love the song
gloria naranjo
gloria naranjo преди 4 дни
the songs of justin makes me happy
ReXYZvent преди 4 дни
I saw this song mentioned a few times and its not what i expected
Atuna Jimo
Atuna Jimo преди 4 дни
One of ma fav .....❣️❣️❣️🤧.......
Sujan Pariyar
Sujan Pariyar преди 4 дни
I bet this song is for selena gomez because there is a song of selena ghost of you and in justion song the lyric say ghost of you
John Lerry Bernardo
John Lerry Bernardo преди 4 дни
Youngblood thinks there's always tomorrow
Naithuiliu Kamei
Naithuiliu Kamei преди 4 дни
ꜱᴇʟᴇɴᴀ ꜱᴏɴɢ ᴏꜰ ɢʜᴏꜱᴛ,ᴡᴇᴀʀ yᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴇᴍᴏʀy ʟɪᴋᴇ ꜱᴛᴀɪɴ. ᴊʙ:ɪ ᴍɪꜱꜱ yᴏᴜ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ᴛʜᴀɴ ʟɪꜰᴇ . ᴡᴇ ᴍɪꜱꜱ yᴏᴜ ʙᴏᴛʜ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀʟꜱᴏ ᴡᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʜᴀɪʟᴇy .
Vaness 213
Vaness 213 преди 4 дни
I have so many mixed feelings with their songs 🥺🤗💜
Lyon Tluanga
Lyon Tluanga преди 4 дни
This needs to be a naruto song😭
Jwan Amin Wageman
Jwan Amin Wageman преди 4 дни
He is singing about Selina. No doubt about it.
Justin  Bieber
Justin Bieber преди 4 дни
Komal Meena
Komal Meena преди 5 дни
I lost my great grandfather due to corona in May,whenever I listen to this song,I can relate every single line to our relation,miss you kaka,stay happy and be with us always from wherever you are watching us❤
Karla Bertez
Karla Bertez преди 5 дни
To my ex that has never been my bf ❤ha ha
Fernanda Fabieli
Fernanda Fabieli преди 5 дни
this lyrics... damn
Andrea Shaw
Andrea Shaw преди 5 дни
100% about Selena. Hailey was a rebound who probably complained so much about marriage he just did it. My opinion!
curtain sellet
curtain sellet преди 5 дни
Okiem Marty
Okiem Marty преди 5 дни
This is great :)
Say ain
Say ain преди 5 дни
This song is not for Selina it's about his younger self who he left behind .
Lena Vencatasawmy
Lena Vencatasawmy преди 6 дни
This song is about Selena. They have always been delivering messages to each other in their songs. I hope they get back together. They miss each other.
New Yorker
New Yorker преди 6 дни
They wount get together ..and please you guys need to shop shipping them . And respect Justin's relationship with his wife
Baishadiyha Santukan
Baishadiyha Santukan преди 6 дни
What hailey reaction to this MV??
This one is for Selena
Putra Prayoga
Putra Prayoga преди 4 дни
Idi0t selupus fans 😂
- -
- - преди 6 дни
yes its about selena
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 6 дни
No it's not ..u guys need to stop this .
JELENA forever
JELENA forever преди 6 дни
I miss you more than life🥺😔
Justin  Bieber
Justin Bieber преди 6 дни
Its_ Fatimahhh
Its_ Fatimahhh преди 6 дни
'I miss you more than life'😤😫
Marine Allo
Marine Allo преди 6 дни
This song is definitely for Selena . They love each other so much , it’s crazy .
- -
- - преди 5 дни
@Adrian Toomes 😂😂😂😂
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 5 дни
@- - u r the one being stupid here.. he is a married man now ..so there is no point bringing the past up
- -
- - преди 5 дни
@Adrian Toomes don’t be stupid pls
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 6 дни
@- - that's ur guess..what makes u guys so sure about that? Respect his relationship with his wife..if u guys can't do it..don't ship Jelena
- -
- - преди 6 дни
@Adrian Toomes its about SG... i miss your touch on night when im hollow
MissPiggy'sDimples преди 7 дни
god which of his songs are not good
Aprilliya Susanti
Aprilliya Susanti преди 7 дни
please anyone describe me about part " i miss you more than life". why "life"? thanks
MGM Stone
MGM Stone преди 7 дни
so sad .
Xiaolin Cen
Xiaolin Cen преди 7 дни
This whole album is so gooodd
Habibe Idrizi
Habibe Idrizi преди 7 дни
maybe it's a old song who was writing for Hailey... ( lol )
Anuradha Chatterjee
Anuradha Chatterjee преди 8 дни
Popular Opinion- This song deserves 1 billion+ views❤💯🔥
Jeon Nochu Official
Jeon Nochu Official преди 8 дни
Did you make it about Selena right? If you have really loved her, let me tell you, you would have never cheated on her, never look at other girls. But u cheated on her with several girls, multiple times. She's so good and she loved u so much that she didn't even tell anyone directly and remained silent until Taylor Swift confirmed. See u don't deserve the QUEEN SELENA. How did u love her if u cheat her, abuse her? That was not true love. He fakely loved her and then got another woman She truly loved him but then got herself in her She won !!!! Edited : The media was on his side. So it was easy for him to replace Selena for other. But 1 day the world will know the truth actually who the victim was.
Rasha Aya
Rasha Aya преди 5 часа
@tweety niti not only you make up things but you're a fan of Selena since you're a dedicated hater. Yes these are immature JB fans go get a life. He literally slept with the kardashians one after the other and she still forgave him... can't believe it but I'm glad she got rid of the rubbish and hailey accepts the fact he slept with her close friends ofc cause they were the reason she got to be with him, they helped her cheat cause they hate Selena and all were jealous of her success. It's not a loss it's a win for Sel.
Jeon Nochu Official
Jeon Nochu Official преди 8 часа
@tweety niti u r his gross worshipper who cleans JB's crimes behind the scene.
Jeon Nochu Official
Jeon Nochu Official преди 8 часа
@tweety niti u really have proofs? Then why are u hesitating to put the links here? Let me see. Put the proofs here. The exact proofs where Justin told Selena cheated on her, where Selena is a fake. Put here. I wanna see for real. U can't give those proofs yk why? Cause there are no proofs u have. U just make things by urself. But i have proofs cause Justin already mentioned his wrong doings in his official accounts & interview. The ultimate proofs Bieber already exposed. Now show ur ones.
tweety niti
tweety niti преди 8 часа
@Jeon Nochu Official OK keep laughing bcoz even if I have proof u won't believe selenators r selenators u guys clean her crimes
tweety niti
tweety niti преди 9 часа
@Jeon Nochu Official u Stan a psychopath
TSY преди 8 дни
I wanted to listen to Ghost b.c then I've got this sounds like those free copyright songs that I hear in a store
Enny Erawaty
Enny Erawaty преди 8 дни
Joshin Bother
Joshin Bother преди 8 дни
we missed avalanna😪💕
Sonja Ringo
Sonja Ringo преди 8 дни
The beat, the acoustic chorus, the vocals... YESSSS
Treshan Key Bongar
Treshan Key Bongar преди 9 дни
Omg the song about Selena🥺 the lyrics of the song my favorite line if I cant be close to you I'll settle for the ghost of you🥺awtss my heart Jelena😭🥺imiss you two😭
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 6 дни
Saber Saber
Saber Saber преди 9 дни
Neyet's ghost.
Hannah maria
Hannah maria преди 9 дни
i think he is missing selina 😕
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 6 дни
No he's not
Danger Zone
Danger Zone преди 9 дни
This is one of the best songs he has ever sung ❤️ I have no words to express my feelings for this song. His voice oh my god on this one. My favorite line - "And if you can't be next to me Your memory is ecstasy I miss you more than life"❤️
T Alice
T Alice преди 10 дни
Its ma Favorite also 🙌🏻😌 thanks for this song
Jeon Nochu Official
Jeon Nochu Official преди 10 дни
1ST PART: This is to inform you- u should luv yourself, stand on yourself. I was a belieber. I didn't say anything before but I'm fed up and kindly you should read this with patience. This isn't a hate message. You are leaning on Hailey and saying that you love her. Do you know a fact that there is difference between COMPANY and TRUE LUV? You just need someone in your life who will always give you company, u just need company. But it's not true luv. You are dependent on Hailey or other people for doing changes, bringing good sides in you, for your peace, for reducing mental frustration and for making you stand. But you should do it yourself. You know how? You should believe urself, you should know at the last point, only you, yes only you will be with yourself. None will be with you. When you will die, only you,your good/bad deeds will be with you. Don't take risk making others your source of happiness. No matter what how close they are to you, only one person will be always there for you, that is YOUR MOTHER. So don't do the mistakes you did in your past. Think a thing, if you really genuinely loved Selena, then you won't look at other girls and cheat Selena. You won't leave her. And you can't blame your past and others for your bad deeds, cause they are not even hold the valid clarification of your deeds. You can say that you did so wrong etc...but do you ever think that you are the person who should wholeheartedly say sorry. For you that girl, selena went through mental abuse and was even hospitalized. Did you ever think of apologising to her and those people directly giving valid clarification? You didn't do this, instead u put blame on ur past and ur life struggles. Everyone has difficulties in their life, but all doesn't become such bad people. 2ND PART: You have to face it by yourself being a good man with patience, you have to stand on ur own feet instead being characterless and worst. But still after a bad past, u r still leaning on a woman or other people that they will make you happy. You can't be happy unless you handle yourself all alone, you stand on your own feet, you become dependent only on you, not on others. I saw a post where you wrote that, "Better get someone than being alone. If u fall in trouble, she will help u, if she in trouble u'll help--smthng like that". I'll say that it's fully wrong. None can help u unless u urself help u. It's better being alone. You need none. Everybody needs nobody. You have to be strong, have to luv u. God gave us a brain & heart. We've to decide good & bad by these 2 things. I don't need anyone cause I will be 'I' at the last moment, I have to lead my life cause it's mine & none will take care of my life, make me happy as I can make myself happy. I can be happy by doing good deeds. So better be alone with peace, happiness and confidence than being dependent on others. PERIOD.
Jeon Nochu Official
Jeon Nochu Official преди 5 дни
@Pooja Mamyotra i m not jelena shipper lol. I just expressed my opinion. If anyone does not like it, ignore. Idc what hailey and jb told dedicating each other. Cause i don't know if they genuinely told the things to each other. I am not misleading ppl. I said the fact. If it looks like against u, then u can ignore. I know what i wrote is correct and i believe myself thnk u. I won't ship Sel with JB, never cause JB doesn't deserve Sel.
Pooja Mamyotra
Pooja Mamyotra преди 6 дни
@Jeon Nochu Official I had to reply Because you are misleading people by commenting sh**. There are many people who will think that what you wrote is true . And will go and hate on Justin and Hailey . The thing is that you came here to listen the song not to write this long paragraph . We don't know what goes on behind doors . It's better to just shut our mouth. By the way this song is for people who lost their loved ones due to Covid pandemic I think you are a Jelena shipper. Just wanted to say, "They hate to see us happy " - Hailey Bieber. " If it's not you it's not anyone"- Justin Bieber ( Lines from Justin 's song Anyone dedicated to Hailey) BTW you will be an amazing book writer
Jeon Nochu Official
Jeon Nochu Official преди 9 дни
@Sofiya Ansari thanks ikr :)
Jeon Nochu Official
Jeon Nochu Official преди 10 дни
@Pooja Mamyotra u r wasting giving reply & reading this. I didn't force u to read. Why did u come here?
Sofiya Ansari
Sofiya Ansari преди 10 дни
Man every word of yours is 100% correct
It hurts so bad
Даня Рэйман
Даня Рэйман преди 10 дни
luv u
Viyati преди 10 дни
We all know this song is meant for selena 💔
Rohit Inkar
Rohit Inkar преди 3 дни
@Anuradha Chatterjee I have listened his interview he said it's not for her
Rohit Inkar
Rohit Inkar преди 3 дни
@Anuradha Chatterjee I am saying to that selina fan don't bring her name here she don't deserve this beautiful song she is 🐍
Anuradha Chatterjee
Anuradha Chatterjee преди 3 дни
@Rohit Inkar u telling abt Selena or Avalanna?
Rohit Inkar
Rohit Inkar преди 3 дни
Don't bring her name here selinaturd
Anuradha Chatterjee
Anuradha Chatterjee преди 4 дни
No true Beliebers know that this song is for Avalanna and people who lost their loved ones
Cynthia Molina
Cynthia Molina преди 11 дни
This sounds exactly like if i lose myself by one republic
Digiartly преди 11 дни
"I know you crossed a bridge that I can't follow".. That line is deep.
Mariam Rizan
Mariam Rizan преди 12 дни
The legend no one forgets.
Jake Soos
Jake Soos преди 12 дни
boy tigas
boy tigas преди 12 дни
I love dz song ... ❤️
Alina Skaraki
Alina Skaraki преди 12 дни
I love this song .
Jy Tolson
Jy Tolson преди 12 дни
My love of my life left me and I can't see my step son and this song is all I got to remember them because she doesn't want anything to do with me 😪😓
Lalalanobody преди 12 дни
It’s crazy how Selena wrote a song about him using the phrase the Ghost of You & he’s basically replying to her. He will always love her.
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 11 часа
@Rasha Aya ok? I just said he chose to marry Hailey..isn't that right?
Rasha Aya
Rasha Aya преди 15 часа
@Adrian Toomes and Selena lost him and found her self. She wouldn't go back even in heaven or the life after, he screwed up badly this time. Better stick to his fangirl of a wife.
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 6 дни
@Marine Allo wdym if Selena come back?? Jb chose to marry Hailey..🙁
Marine Allo
Marine Allo преди 6 дни
I’m agree with you ! We can see how much they still love each other. If we really listening to they music we can hear that they have so many song they did for each other. They still in love . Hailey is her wife and Justin love her but if Selena would come back I’m sure that Justin will chose Selena .
Lalalanobody преди 8 дни
@Sarita Calderón You can still love someone from your past while moving on! Love is eternal. He can still miss her without being with her.
??? преди 12 дни
Uhp Yarz
Uhp Yarz преди 12 дни
To everyone still talking about Selena that’s really disrespectful especially if you’re his fan... that was a really difficult time in his life and it took years to climb out of it and he’s in a different place y’all need to move on... the fact that he’s clearly stated it’s for people who are gone only makes your statements even more disrespectful... get over it!
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 6 дни
This is exactly what all those Jelena shippers need to understand
Batsty xx
Batsty xx преди 12 дни
My grandmother pass away cos of Cancer I miss you somuch 🥲
martina coseglia
martina coseglia преди 12 дни
Shianne Astrid Faith
Shianne Astrid Faith преди 12 дни
This song is helping me in my grieving process soo much, this song is truly a blessing. "I know you crossed a bridge that I can't follow" "I'd leave it all behind if I could follow".
Haz El
Haz El преди 13 дни
MissPiggy'sDimples преди 9 дни
get over it
canadianz by land or sea
canadianz by land or sea преди 13 дни
Beautiful ❤️. He needs Selena , and she needs him.
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 4 дни
@canadianz by land or sea Both r happy now .. so is there a point discussing their past ?n this song is a for the people who lost their loved ones during covid
canadianz by land or sea
canadianz by land or sea преди 4 дни
@Adrian Toomes well, theirs no denying they have a deep sacred 10 year bond.. would be hard on hailey, or any women. As Selena never did him wrong. Twas his own actions he regrets.
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 6 дни
Liv Cuckow
Liv Cuckow преди 13 дни
I think it's about selena I know how he's feeling cause every song of his relates
Rohit Inkar
Rohit Inkar преди 3 дни
Fuck of already can't u see people rememberibg there loved once they lost she is not loved she made him Misrable 5 years of his depression and anxiety is bcuz of her mostly
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 6 дни
It's not about Selena..y don't u guys stop shipping?
maria Hernandez
maria Hernandez преди 13 дни
I pray 🙏 for my Grandmother she died in 2017 she was 90 I couldn't get see her she was born 1927
maria Hernandez
maria Hernandez преди 13 дни
Hi Justin Bieber I hear this music is super sad 😢
Victoria Gassenferth
Victoria Gassenferth преди 14 дни
This is my favorite one.
salman akber
salman akber преди 14 дни
Are you guys in line No we're not in line Can you get in line please
Celine Consolacion
Celine Consolacion преди 14 дни
One of my favorite song in JUSTICE album🥺 I cried when i hear this song because the lyrics and emotions from the song is everything!
Dana دانا
Dana دانا преди 14 дни
Favourite song in 2021
wallash jr
wallash jr преди 14 дни
*2:28* the end uffff i'm crying bro I f*cking miss u dad
G Rishitha
G Rishitha преди 15 дни
If this is not about Selena I don’t for who it is
PeGasus 乡GinGa
PeGasus 乡GinGa преди 15 дни
It for selena
Prakriti преди 15 дни
I don't know if it's me but it's about selena and Selena also have a song called gost of you 🤣🤣 😭😭😭😭😭
Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes преди 6 дни
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