Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber - “Somebody” (Live from the 2021 Juno Awards) 

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alan gun
alan gun преди 20 часа
This is my fav song
den_4ik преди ден
choedon naksang
choedon naksang преди ден
សុហ៊ា - sohey
សុហ៊ា - sohey преди ден
Sushitima Soni
Sushitima Soni преди ден
any other singer who has more than 64.4m?
2block gaming
2block gaming преди ден
Noemy_ Bispo
Noemy_ Bispo преди ден
Aolly Sarkar
Aolly Sarkar преди 2 дни
Love From Bangladesh 😍🤟
Azat Annayev
Azat Annayev преди 3 дни
Everybody needs somebody 🎶🎵
queenship of virgin mary parish daet
Exo - swimming the cold water pool ft justin bieber the official music video was on may 2 2022 next year
Mich Resuera
Mich Resuera преди 3 дни
cupcakes forever
cupcakes forever преди 4 дни
I listen to this song almost every day
Rukhsar Eysar
Rukhsar Eysar преди 5 дни
I am from Afghanistan and you have lots fans in Afghanistan
Rukhsar Eysar
Rukhsar Eysar преди 5 дни
When I hear your songs I find a better feeling and when I studying I hear your songs cause I love your songs
Rukhsar Eysar
Rukhsar Eysar преди 5 дни
This song is make me feel great and happy
himanshi преди 5 дни
Sarmistha Mazumdar
Sarmistha Mazumdar преди 5 дни
Keep motivating people Justin... Ur amazing.. 💕💕💕
Suzy S
Suzy S преди 6 дни
What are his band members names?? I love watching their love of music!!
Bishal chhetri
Bishal chhetri преди 6 дни
wow song
domsmookweed tv
domsmookweed tv преди 6 дни
cute dog video
cute dog video преди 6 дни
Piotr Brodowski
Piotr Brodowski преди 6 дни
J'm polend
alexsandra chunha
alexsandra chunha преди 6 дни
Israt Jahan
Israt Jahan преди 6 дни
He is really king of pop 😍😍😍😍
Sts Sundara
Sts Sundara преди 7 дни
Best live ever of this song... Fck Good sound
Evine Kemala Olviana
Evine Kemala Olviana преди 7 дни
nicepice TV
nicepice TV преди 7 дни
Soysebastianmonzon преди 7 дни
Rigth now I m dancing 👌😌🇦🇷
Jaypal Kujur
Jaypal Kujur преди 7 дни
Justin you are the best singer in English singer
La Haza
La Haza преди 8 дни
That music doesn't deserve that drummer! But he & the bassist made it into something far more interesting just by blessing it with their expertise & talent. Can't imagine the feels those two get up to on their own music. But hey, I know the kid's gotta keep the hits coming, I get it.
도로로 преди 8 дни
Victor Silva
Victor Silva преди 8 дни
3 AM escuchando esto, pensando en ti.
Birca Olga
Birca Olga преди 8 дни
I am In love with his music in the last time ❤️ it really awesome 😇🤗🥰
olaf yamil
olaf yamil преди 8 дни
Jajaja de pelos
lil Puppy.
lil Puppy. преди 8 дни
King Ck Films & Vlogs
King Ck Films & Vlogs преди 8 дни
I will be the shoulder u cried On 😢
Jotta B Oficial
Jotta B Oficial преди 8 дни
I can't hear this Song without dancing here. Love them all, plus all your. Songs my Friend Justin Bieber 🤗
Sessanga Ronald
Sessanga Ronald преди 9 дни
i love u
vaikz channel
vaikz channel преди 9 дни
I love this song🥰
Mario Esquer
Mario Esquer преди 9 дни
Mia Jones
Mia Jones преди 9 дни
I love this song because it explains how everyone needs somebody to talk to, when going through hard times. When I went through my extremely hard times, I would listen to his music and it makes me smile, every time. ❤️😀🎵😃
Mia Jones
Mia Jones преди 9 дни
Hi everyone. I have a message for Justin. Justin, you may or may not see this message. But, don’t let the haters get to you. They are just jealous of you. Keep your head high, stay strong, and keep your trust in God. God has carried you, a very long way and I’m very proud of you. You are my idol and inspired me to make my own music and have my own music career. We all love you.
บังบัง ณ.กันตัง
Love Love 💖💖💖
everybody needs somebody ... !! it's true !!
KPWAAATTPAD LastName преди 10 дни
I actually like this song so much more than any of his other songs lol 😂
Shubham Singh Rajput
Shubham Singh Rajput преди 10 дни
Heaven voice 😍😍
Rubayet Khan
Rubayet Khan преди 10 дни
his songs r the antidote of depression 🖤💯
Shahnaj Parvin
Shahnaj Parvin преди 10 дни
You r so cool....🥰🥰😍😍
Modern caliber
Modern caliber преди 11 дни
bgbin.info/code/video/aJ9noqitnNOysdw.html new song
Reginaldo Silva Conceição
Reginaldo Silva Conceição преди 11 дни
Desde criança
Reginaldo Silva Conceição
Reginaldo Silva Conceição преди 11 дни
Sou seu fã
Rachna Jain
Rachna Jain преди 11 дни
justin is idol of many people and also of me
M преди 11 дни
Soo underrated this song!
Avi Zenun
Avi Zenun преди 12 дни
Avi Zenun
Avi Zenun преди 12 дни
David Quintero
David Quintero преди 12 дни
Can someone tell me what the shoes are called? what do you have justin stalls there? Please 🙏🥺
Naoh Trevor
Naoh Trevor преди 12 дни
Justin 🐐
Junior & Jéssica
Junior & Jéssica преди 12 дни
Linda 🎶🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Shwe Yee Aung
Shwe Yee Aung преди 12 дни
First Last
First Last преди 12 дни
Nobody needs somebody
Avi Zenun
Avi Zenun преди 12 дни
No hard 🌹
Kathleen Mae Serilo
Kathleen Mae Serilo преди 12 дни
Stable notes
Kathleen Mae Serilo
Kathleen Mae Serilo преди 12 дни
Still the talented kid. Getting better and better
Rotimi Teteye
Rotimi Teteye преди 12 дни
Ahhh Justin why did you cut your hair
Sarra Yunita
Sarra Yunita преди 13 дни
Selamat malam
Sarra Yunita
Sarra Yunita преди 13 дни
Israel Warambukia
Israel Warambukia преди 13 дни
Hey Justin, You know I come from a nation in the South Pacific know as Papua New Guinea. Its a small nation to the north of Australia. Bro I can still remember when all your songs became the hit right across the globe and everybody started talking bout you. I was at the University those years and could really recalled those moments you've gone through. Back then I was kind of a fervent christian believer that I believe worldly music is not the type of songs to be listening to. But bro your voice and everything bout your performances as I've learned more bout you is stunning. I was not your fan earlier but I then began to like your songs and also I downloaded a documentary bout you and your performances in Madison Square Garden. Bro the moment that brings my heart close to you are those prayers that you always do before every performances and your reverence for God despite all the negativity in the music industries. I have literally seeing grown up and have changed alot over time as maturity is a process. God really bless you with Great Grand Dad and Great Grand Mum and a wonderful mom who never losing faith in you. You became the bridge that connected your deserted dad to your mum. How blessed I am bout your life. You are a SUPER STAR in CHRIST ALONE...PHILIPIANS 4:13 is the scripture I live with you this morning. God bless. Israel Warambukia from the Land of Papua New Guinea. The Land of God.
Paul Jared Lobrico
Paul Jared Lobrico преди 13 дни
youre a perfect figure man youre the man you got the voice you got us groovin'
Shariah B
Shariah B преди 13 дни
Mom my obsessed is growing stronger as it should
Iza Frank
Iza Frank преди 13 дни
Sanjlina Veronica
Sanjlina Veronica преди 13 дни
The moment he shaved his hair off. I knew a new era was beginning.
Ivone Purificação Bispo Bastos
Super !!!
Hari Hari
Hari Hari преди 14 дни
Clinton Cook TV
Clinton Cook TV преди 14 дни
Jb Forever ❤
ABC ABC преди 14 дни
Trent Doyle
Trent Doyle преди 14 дни
Amazing pop singer
ishak16 преди 14 дни
Alguien español
Maulidah преди 15 дни
Maksym Petrenko
Maksym Petrenko преди 15 дни
Loma kakai
Loma kakai преди 15 дни
โคตรมันส์ พี่เวอร์
Xignanuz преди 15 дни
Will the real Justin Bieber, please stand up. Everybody needs a little bit of Justin.
미장첸샴푸 преди 15 дни
Justin Bieber That's awesome.
вадим липухин
вадим липухин преди 15 дни
Не туда отправил сорри
вадим липухин
вадим липухин преди 15 дни
Я наверное первый русский подписчик ваш. Респект бро
조동현 преди 15 дни
Pep Guardiola ?
Georgina Chimamaka
Georgina Chimamaka преди 15 дни
Everybody need somebody but I have nobody
Мишка преди 16 дни
Go 1m dislike
Eduardo Jose Ramos Salvador
Eduardo Jose Ramos Salvador преди 16 дни
i love you Justin bieber ❤
Dimas Romanza
Dimas Romanza преди 16 дни
I love it ❤️ from 🇮🇩
Rachna Thakur
Rachna Thakur преди 16 дни
Wave -_-
Wave -_- преди 16 дни
ryan christo
ryan christo преди 16 дни
The placid push unquestionably ignore because trial disappointingly stamp after a clumsy font. tangible, didactic bill
Vivian Aloysius
Vivian Aloysius преди 16 дни
I really need someone right now 😭
Jo Mitchell
Jo Mitchell преди 16 дни
Proper head banger.
Esther Fraser
Esther Fraser преди 16 дни
😇😇😇😙but the patt up hair boy funny show off
Esther Fraser
Esther Fraser преди 16 дни
Belieber 09
Belieber 09 преди 16 дни
One like for Justin Bieber ❤️😍 👇👇👇
Esther Fraser
Esther Fraser преди 17 дни
Platt up hair man shaking show off 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sievhong Chantha
Sievhong Chantha преди 17 дни
I really like your song 😍
Sievhong Chantha
Sievhong Chantha преди 17 дни
🆒 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
CM_Dream преди 17 дни
We need the old justin 😖💔
Fitri Ainur
Fitri Ainur преди 17 дни
My fav singer 💙
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