Justin Bieber - Somebody (Visualizer) 

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Aymeric francois
Aymeric francois преди 8 часа
Le début ressemble beaucoup au generaique 13 ReasonWhy bgbin.info/code/video/dquvaXeRs62WcZk.html
Jason Henry
Jason Henry преди 17 часа
Defend You Like An Army!!
Akhil Justin
Akhil Justin преди ден
Wowewwwwwwwwwe this song deserve Grammy ❤️
Justin  Bieber
Justin Bieber преди ден
Belieber infinity
Belieber infinity преди 2 дни
Justin Bieber voice is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kouhai преди 3 дни
All the song bpm websites say 76bpm but in reality is 152bpm
Sophia Gensler
Sophia Gensler преди 3 дни
love this
autumn love
autumn love преди 3 дни
Gezus Oliver
Gezus Oliver преди 4 дни
Trent Doyle
Trent Doyle преди 6 дни
Does the start of this sample OTW by Khalid?
Justin  Bieber
Justin Bieber преди 6 дни
Julied Rodríguez
Julied Rodríguez преди 6 дни
Me haces tan feliz
Julied Rodríguez
Julied Rodríguez преди 6 дни
Te amo mucho Justin
Pachilex преди 6 дни
i love it!
Blake Pollock
Blake Pollock преди 6 дни
I'm a you tube r
Blake Pollock
Blake Pollock преди 6 дни
You are a good singer
Andreu G.P.
Andreu G.P. преди 6 дни
preet chhabra
preet chhabra преди 8 дни
Am i the only one who feels sorrry vibesss!!??
Leann Palamos
Leann Palamos преди 9 дни
It Reminds me With Johnny Yuta Jungwoo and Taeil from NCT 💚😊
Agustin Aimetta
Agustin Aimetta преди 9 дни
This Song is Produced/Composed by Skrillex
Moniniek Met
Moniniek Met преди 9 дни
Jeon Nochu Official
Jeon Nochu Official преди 10 дни
1ST PART: This is to inform you- u should luv yourself, stand on yourself. I was a belieber. I didn't say anything before but I'm fed up and kindly you should read this with patience. This isn't a hate message. You are leaning on Hailey and saying that you love her. Do you know a fact that there is difference between COMPANY and TRUE LUV? You just need someone in your life who will always give you company, u just need company. But it's not true luv. You are dependent on Hailey or other people for doing changes, bringing good sides in you, for your peace, for reducing mental frustration and for making you stand. But you should do it yourself. You know how? You should believe urself, you should know at the last point, only you, yes only you will be with yourself. None will be with you. When you will die, only you,your good/bad deeds will be with you. Don't take risk making others your source of happiness. No matter what how close they are to you, only one person will be always there for you, that is YOUR MOTHER. So don't do the mistakes you did in your past. Think a thing, if you really genuinely loved Selena, then you won't look at other girls and cheat Selena. You won't leave her. And you can't blame your past and others for your bad deeds, cause they are not even hold the valid clarification of your deeds. You can say that you did so wrong etc...but do you ever think that you are the person who should wholeheartedly say sorry. For you that girl, selena went through mental abuse and was even hospitalized. Did you ever think of apologising to her and those people directly giving valid clarification? You didn't do this, instead u put blame on ur past and ur life struggles. Everyone has difficulties in their life, but all doesn't become such bad people. 2ND PART: You have to face it by yourself being a good man with patience, you have to stand on ur own feet instead being characterless and worst. But still after a bad past, u r still leaning on a woman or other people that they will make you happy. You can't be happy unless you handle yourself all alone, you stand on your own feet, you become dependent only on you, not on others. I saw a post where you wrote that, "Better get someone than being alone. If u fall in trouble, she will help u, if she in trouble u'll help--smthng like that". I'll say that it's fully wrong. None can help u unless u urself help u. It's better being alone. You need none. Everybody needs nobody. You have to be strong, have to luv u. God gave us a brain & heart. We've to decide good & bad by these 2 things. I don't need anyone cause I will be 'I' at the last moment, I have to lead my life cause it's mine & none will take care of my life, make me happy as I can make myself happy. I can be happy by doing good deeds. So better be alone with peace, happiness and confidence than being dependent on others. PERIOD.
Dembe Phoenix
Dembe Phoenix преди 10 дни
This ones up there with my favs
Mr OC преди 11 дни
His voice is the best painkiller for me.❤️
Flora Priya
Flora Priya преди 11 дни
This is utter magic
janess morales
janess morales преди 11 дни
Last words to u Justin don't talk to me ever again and that's for anyone else involved with hurting my kids
Over Moon
Over Moon преди 13 дни
033_Imran Nazir
033_Imran Nazir преди 13 дни
This song is leng
Jon Ellie
Jon Ellie преди 14 дни
Akhil Justin
Akhil Justin преди 15 дни
finessntr09 преди 16 дни
Not liking this album to much. Just the vibe and beats. Your last album was done really well. I don't know if it was the pandemic or producing but I wish this album was a continuation of that.
Tina Jo
Tina Jo преди 16 дни
I totally dedicate the song to my boyfriend Dallas Dean
David Kevin
David Kevin преди 17 дни
imo this song is really good for me
Maiquin преди 17 дни
Shizuku Neko
Shizuku Neko преди 17 дни
I like the song very much 👌😍 Somebody. Yydsssssss!!!!
Sheeshh преди 19 дни
0.75 speed
Harry Beaver
Harry Beaver преди 21 ден
Hi Can u Reply me 🥺👉👈💝
Debs Smith
Debs Smith преди 21 ден
Thank you justin bieber ❤️
lion Fuego
lion Fuego преди 21 ден
Amazing song 🎵😣
Maite Ibañez
Maite Ibañez преди 23 дни
SOMEBODY: Alguien. Ese alguien soy yo. Estoy aqui. 💝💝☺💝💝
Daniiee преди 23 дни
Daniiee преди 23 дни
Justin's voice makes me chill.
Daniiee преди 23 дни
Everybody needs somebody..
Sunny Goodman
Sunny Goodman преди 23 дни
Maksym Petrenko
Maksym Petrenko преди 24 дни
BLINK🎶 преди 25 дни
We need this mv ❤❤
purple CRAZY
purple CRAZY преди 26 дни
my favorite ^^
A Z преди 26 дни
Bunyi macam lagu Indon tapi tak ingat lagu apa...
ghost hood729
ghost hood729 преди 26 дни
it sound so anime vibe for some reason
Juliana Pereira
Juliana Pereira преди 26 дни
PERFEITA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
rashminadeeka преди 27 дни
listen this song with using headphones.
Aiz Zulueta
Aiz Zulueta преди 29 дни
Taeyeon listening to this 💜
Sérgio l. da Rocha
Sérgio l. da Rocha преди 29 дни
Việt Trung Nguyễn
Việt Trung Nguyễn преди месец
Жавохир Мирзабахрамов
I think this song is great and Makes someone relax!
Rosa Kufuna
Rosa Kufuna преди месец
Album Of The Year.🥵🔥
Enrique Umusig
Enrique Umusig преди месец
t h i s s o n g i s so g o o o o o o o o o o d !!!!
daniel alas
daniel alas преди месец
Algún latino escuchando a Justin Bieber en 2021? 👇
Felipe Cortes
Felipe Cortes преди 20 дни
Yo soy de España no sé si te vale
Duics Tünde
Duics Tünde преди месец
Angel Melo
Angel Melo преди месец
The piano at the begin of this is a sample from a Spanish bachata or salsa song someone please help me find the song 🧐🥺
Iain Armitage Fan Page
Iain Armitage Fan Page преди месец
You know why this song has only 800 dislikes?? Because it's the best song I've ever heard
Sabiha Tanowaz
Sabiha Tanowaz преди месец
Yeap justin u found someone to hold on after breaking someone so badly..but hopefully she is stronger ..otherwise she could have been destroyed..pls be happy with hailey and get babies with her .
YoItsKoala преди месец
fav one. Everything about this song is amazing dope beautiful. Justin please have this song on Tour porfa 🙏
RAMUE CABREZA преди месец
I just came here again because i just watch Sean Lew choreography!!!💕💕✊✊😭
Sangeeth Kavishka
Sangeeth Kavishka преди месец
I love Justin ❤️
Instrumental Galaxy
Instrumental Galaxy преди месец
Somebody INSTRUMENTAL: bgbin.info/code/video/mZeYo3TG25bSeb4.html
Hailey Watson
Hailey Watson преди месец
I love youuuuuuuuuuu
Jasleen Kaur
Jasleen Kaur преди месец
Justin: Who's gonna defend you like an army, and never let go? You're OG beliebers! Who else?💜👑
Lucia Gomez :3
Lucia Gomez :3 преди месец
Alguien que hable español y me entienda gritar por este maravilloso álbum? ❤❤❤❤
Hi, my name Is
Hi, my name Is преди месец
Can’t decide if I like die for you or this one better
Lee Higginbotham
Lee Higginbotham преди месец
What a song.
Hailey brugh
Hailey brugh преди месец
I'm legit in love with this whole album... and here we go with Justin doing what he does and changing the world through and with his music in the music world and just the world in general...💙💙💯😭
billix преди месец
Creo q esta es la unica cancion buena de justice
Felipe Cortes
Felipe Cortes преди 20 дни
Que va
Miguel Ángel López
Miguel Ángel López преди месец
gn naresh
gn naresh преди месец
Telugu people like vesukondi
gn naresh
gn naresh преди месец
Indian people like here
Simone Garcia
Simone Garcia преди месец
Esse guri é bom 🤩👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷
Awww Yes
Awww Yes преди месец
It’s ok it’s we all try to pretend we are brave
krishna's world
krishna's world преди месец
You are very talented and very hardworking that i loved and your songs are next level
Milagros Fátima Ramos
Milagros Fátima Ramos преди месец
aashika rai
aashika rai преди месец
U r amazing JB 👏 💖
fawdex qadcgb
fawdex qadcgb преди месец
The sedate burglar complimentarily prick because hawk byerly delight over a puny riverbed. doubtful, wonderful climb
Louis BTC Mining
Louis BTC Mining преди месец
It's OK it's OK
Rita D'angelo
Rita D'angelo преди месец
The Best music❤️❤️❤️
Onthar chakz
Onthar chakz преди месец
One of my best song from Justice Album love you Justin...🙁😍😍🇮🇳
Enkh Enk
Enkh Enk преди месец
Ammar преди месец
Everybody needs Somebody.....
Onthar chakz
Onthar chakz преди месец
easy breezy beautiful monbebe
easy breezy beautiful monbebe преди месец
Lowkey very addicted to this song 🥰
L W преди месец
somebody to defend you like an army (is that a nod to bts???)
beauty care
beauty care преди месец
JB is back!!!!♥️♥️🙏🏻
Onthar chakz
Onthar chakz преди месец
Nikola преди месец
Onthar chakz
Onthar chakz преди месец
Raghav преди месец
I heard this music in "13 reason why"🥴🥴
Adriana Masson
Adriana Masson преди месец
Bieber. already in a BigHit vibe, music for Healing! Show!
muivx преди месец
Every time I look at you, I'm lookin' at a star ❤️
muivx преди месец
before I met you, I never believed in magic ❤️
muivx преди месец
Everybody needs somebody ❤️
Onthar chakz
Onthar chakz преди месец
Yup bro
muivx преди месец
If you need me, then you got me ❤️
muivx преди месец
I'll be the shoulder you cry on Everybody need some ❤️
jumongwu преди месец
Sounds like an anime ost
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